Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Uneducated Literate!!!

“If St Stephen's sets up a co-educational hostel, it would have to set up maternity wards as well.”

No, its not a translation of a remark made by a Patna University student, but it’s a statement made by a highly respectable and responsible citizen of India Dr M S Frank, acting principal of St. Stephen’s college.


It seems that even a doctorate could not change Dr Frank’s typical Indian outlook which is to relate anything to sex when a girl and a boy are in reference.

We all must have heard these kind of comments in our college days “aaj ye ladka lega iski” even if the two are just having coffee together.

According to Dr Frank if there are co-ed hostels then students might spend there evening hours by enjoying different poses of Kamasutra as their co-curricular activity. We need to educate him and let him know that making love is NOT the only thing that happens between a guy and a girl.

I seriously think that if a person makes this kind of a remark it is only because he would have shown same kind of behaviour (impregnating ladies) if he was in this situation. So girls, you now know whom you need to be cautious from…. the boys living next door or the person who is implanting these thoughts into the society.

Some previous achievements of Dr Frank:

  • Dr Frank is the person to implement Christian quota in faculty recruitment WITHOUT the consent of the governing body.
  • (Directly quoted from a news site)-A couple of months before this, there was a big hue-and-cry over the appointment of Reverend Valsan Thampu as Officer on Special Duty at St Stephen's college, which was being considered illegal on many counts by the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions.


reviewer said...

yeh saala dr frank kaun hai

Atul Prasad said...

OMG !!! Go Cho .. like welcome to the world of bloggers .. though i am not one.. :D

deepshikha said...
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deepshikha said...

kya grv.. sharafat ka toh zamana hi nai raha..

TheSilentCryTheSilentTry said...
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mukul said...

What a ethics...disgusting person...he is...may be life could teach him a lesson....!

priyanka said...

well.. by simply assuming tht a patna university student will make such remarks brings u to the same category as Frank. So, next time when u provide a critic make sure its not abt someone alike u.