Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blast me with an Answer

1. Why has never a single politician or even his PA died or even get hurt in any of the blasts.

2. Muslims say that because of a few terrorists their community is suffering a bias. Why has not even a single Muslim ever tried to educate their rotten head brothers.

3. How is it so easy to distribute anti-India posters in the capital of India itself. And why no action is taken against the community that does this.

4. Why did our HRD minister come in defense of the Jamia terrorists even without any proof of their innocence.

5. Why does the governance body forget about martyr M C Sharma but remember about the bloody Sohrabuddin.

6. Why does only Modi and Advani get life threats whereas none of the politicians from the governing party are threatened.

7. Why does our home minister give more importance to his attire in a state of national crisis.

8. Even after 5 blast incidents in last one year there has been no stringent law in place.

9. Even a common man knows what goes on in a Madrasa, why does the government prefers to keep mum over that.

If almost all the political parties are focusing on those 14 crore votes who will look after the remaining 90 crore citizens of HINDUstan.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Double Income No Kids (DINK) .. .. Makes sense ???

For all those who have come across this term for the first time, it is a term for couples who love to earn money and more money and hate the concept of having a kid (which for most Indians is still a gift of god).

In my recent trip to Bangalore, I came across quite a few couples which looked like Indians but were acting as foreigners. The globalisation has brought our country prosperity but has also come with a side effect .. The DINKS and MORE…

This is not the first time I have come across DINKS, but what was different this time was this new AMERICANO behavior of such couples. The aunties have no idea about their waist size and wear almost anything that's NOT fitting them. Their husbands on the other hand behave as the new kid on the block, mostly to attract attention and show how non Indian they look. And the couple also believes in PDA (Public Display of Affection), which they think is yet another characteristic of a westerner.

There are another type of couples who have a kid but have no idea what to do with it. They buy fanciest of the prams, put their kids in them, go shopping and Forget about them. After the mothers complete their jobless shopping they are reminded of their kids by the aayas they accompany to take care of the kid.

One more interesting thing I noticed was the usage of English at the utmost uncomfortable levels, that too in American accent. There was this lady in a mall whose was telling her kid about this nice Maw (mall) and the Amhazing(amazing) cookie that she's Gawne (gonna) get her. When her husband joined them they talked in the most rural Kannada possible and got back to their accent when talking to the kid.

What is it in this artificial lifestyle that these couples like? Whatever it is, one thing they forget is that they look dumb heads when they act as Non Indians.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Hollow Faith

"I have too much respect for the idea of God to make it responsible for such an absurd world." - G. K. Chesterton.

The first word that a child learns is "mumma" then probably "papa". Right after these two words we tend to teach the child the biggest hollow faith in the world 'GOD'. I know after reading these two lines some of you might not want to read this stuff. Well thanks for your support, this blog is not meant for the blockheaded people.

Even I was a child like the one I mentioned above. I have had a childhood and teaching like any other Indian kid, and was one of those who used to believe that GOD is actually something more than a word in my oxford dictionary. But only until, I started reasoning with the faith that prevailed. So here is what I think.

It's a common human tendency to tame others with the threat of something, to develop a fear that can control our actions. Its like scaring a baby with the "jhhole waale baba" so that he does not go out. This is the basic behind the evolution of god concept. In the stone age or may be even before that, human beings were amazed to see the power of wind, water and fire. They began to worship these natural forces as they had no answer to the 'threat' of obliteration caused by it. Time passed by and the relentless faith prevailed through generations.

You may term this as atheism, but I term it as logical reasoning.

In my quest for explanations, I came across the contrary. One of them is the 'The theodicé problem' which states "If the evil in the world is intended by god he is not good. If it violates his intentions he is not almighty. God can't be both almighty and good."

Well, this was just the beginning. If for a moment you forget about what has been spoon-fed to you and think rationally you might come across these questions.

If every thing that happens in this world is controlled by the god then he should be punished for all the crimes and natural disasters. This included merciless killing of infants, kids. Either your god had no powers to stop this or he wanted this to happen.

Whenever, we the humans, are in some trouble or pain, we believe in worshipping god to relieve us from that. I don't understand one thing, why does your god need this gratifying. Does it want marathon prayers from a dying man to save his life? In fact, why at all does it need prayers?

If god can do everything, can he create a rock so heavy which cannot be lifted by himself?

We always hear stories about capturing visuals of souls and evil spirits, we hear people claiming that they have seen these spirits. Has anyone ever made a claim that he as seen god? No my friend never.

Well I went a step further. To understand the concept of god I decided to read one of the Hindu epics "Bhagavad Gita". To my astonishment, before it even starts, the prologue compels you to believe in god blindly. If anyone of you has read it you would know what I am talking about. I must confess that after reading a few pages I decided to quit as every line of it compels you to bow down without a reason.

The reasoning is endless. All it needs an open frame of mind and a logical brain. I am not directing you to believe in what I think. All I would want to convey now is that if each one of us does his bit honestly and serves a little bit of mankind you won't find a reason to look for god. Be good to others, never hurt anyone emotionally you would not feel the need to ring temple bells or light a candle ever in your life.

Give it a thought - "We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes." - Gene Roddenberry

Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Uneducated Literate!!!

“If St Stephen's sets up a co-educational hostel, it would have to set up maternity wards as well.”

No, its not a translation of a remark made by a Patna University student, but it’s a statement made by a highly respectable and responsible citizen of India Dr M S Frank, acting principal of St. Stephen’s college.


It seems that even a doctorate could not change Dr Frank’s typical Indian outlook which is to relate anything to sex when a girl and a boy are in reference.

We all must have heard these kind of comments in our college days “aaj ye ladka lega iski” even if the two are just having coffee together.

According to Dr Frank if there are co-ed hostels then students might spend there evening hours by enjoying different poses of Kamasutra as their co-curricular activity. We need to educate him and let him know that making love is NOT the only thing that happens between a guy and a girl.

I seriously think that if a person makes this kind of a remark it is only because he would have shown same kind of behaviour (impregnating ladies) if he was in this situation. So girls, you now know whom you need to be cautious from…. the boys living next door or the person who is implanting these thoughts into the society.

Some previous achievements of Dr Frank:

  • Dr Frank is the person to implement Christian quota in faculty recruitment WITHOUT the consent of the governing body.
  • (Directly quoted from a news site)-A couple of months before this, there was a big hue-and-cry over the appointment of Reverend Valsan Thampu as Officer on Special Duty at St Stephen's college, which was being considered illegal on many counts by the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions.