Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blast me with an Answer

1. Why has never a single politician or even his PA died or even get hurt in any of the blasts.

2. Muslims say that because of a few terrorists their community is suffering a bias. Why has not even a single Muslim ever tried to educate their rotten head brothers.

3. How is it so easy to distribute anti-India posters in the capital of India itself. And why no action is taken against the community that does this.

4. Why did our HRD minister come in defense of the Jamia terrorists even without any proof of their innocence.

5. Why does the governance body forget about martyr M C Sharma but remember about the bloody Sohrabuddin.

6. Why does only Modi and Advani get life threats whereas none of the politicians from the governing party are threatened.

7. Why does our home minister give more importance to his attire in a state of national crisis.

8. Even after 5 blast incidents in last one year there has been no stringent law in place.

9. Even a common man knows what goes on in a Madrasa, why does the government prefers to keep mum over that.

If almost all the political parties are focusing on those 14 crore votes who will look after the remaining 90 crore citizens of HINDUstan.